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Group Insurance

United Steelworkers, CFB Kingston & OPP Kingston Group Insurance from Dorey & Tolgyesi


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Dorey & Tolgyesi – Working for You

Dorey & Tolgyesi Insurance Brokers are always looking for ways to match our clients with the most reputable and stable companies around. We’ll make sure you’re properly protected – and we won’t forget about the bottom line.


Why Not Have Group Purchasing Power Get to Work for You?
In keeping with our efforts to find you, our customer, the best value, we have asked major insurers to sharpen their pencils and give responsible and safe drivers the rates they deserve while making sure coverage is comprehensive enough to meet their needs.


Making Your Money Count
Our hard work and dedication to the steelworkers over the years has been clear. It’s been our privilege to have been able to work on making sure members are getting a fair shake when it comes to their insurance dollars. We have partnered to negotiate a special rate for steelworkers in Eastern Ontario with a company they think is the premier insurer in Canada, complete with a proud Canadian history dating back to 1887.


And so, we have some very good news. The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company has come through with a special deal for the United Steelworkers Union employees. This is now available exclusively through our office, as we are one of a few selected brokers, and the only broker in the Kingston and the Eastern Ontario region, that can offer this discount.


15% off your Auto insurance
20% off your Home insurance (for a total discount of 35%, if you insure both Home & Auto)


That’s right: A discount off both home and auto insurance for steelworkers anywhere in Eastern Ontario, available exclusively through our brokerage.